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KPO: Knowledge Process Outsourcing
When knowledge related and information related processes are outsourced to another location, another company or a subsidiary of the same organization which may be in another country or an offshore location to save cost its is known as Knowledge Process Out sourcing or KPO.

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Market Research and Analysis:
It is believed that Market Research plays a vital role to provide guidance for a better business strategy in this IT era. Market Research Is either quantitative, qualitative, or a combination of both. Qualitative and quantitative market research methods each provide different insights into customer behavior. Normally, research results are more useful when the two methods are combined.

Quantitative Market Research:
Quantitative market research surveys can be conducted by using post (self-completion), face-to-face (in-street or in-home), telephone, email or web techniques. The questionnaire is one of the more common tools for collecting data from a survey, but it is only one of a wide ranging set of data collection aids.
Qualitative Market Research:
Qualitative market research can also be conducted on a ‘one on one’ basis i.e. an in-depth market research interview with a trained executive interviewer and one respondent, a paired depth (two respondents), a triad (three respondents) and a mini group discussion
(4-5 respondents).
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BPO: Business process outsourcing

Business process outsourcing: At Advanced E-Solutions pvt Ltd, We offer customized service offerings; translating into the most flexible and cost effective services of the highest quality for our customers.

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a form of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business functions (or processes) to a third-party service provider. Originally, this was associated with manufacturing firms, such as Coca Cola that outsourced large segments of its supply chain.[1]. In the contemporary context, it is primarily used to refer to the outsourcing of services.

BPO is typically categorized into back office outsourcing - which includes internal business functions such as human resources or finance and accounting, and front office outsourcing - which includes customer-related services such as contact center services.

BPO that is contracted outside a company's country is called offshore outsourcing. BPO that is contracted to a company's neighboring (or nearby) country is called nearshore outsourcing. (def. taken fromWikipedia)
We categorize our BPO services mainly into 6 areas:
  1. Customer Care
  2. Finance and Accounting
  3. Payment Services
  4. Administration
  5. Human Resources
  6. Content Development
Customer Care:
Inbound customer queries, outbound telemarketing helpdesks
  Finance and Accounting:
Accounts Payable, Accounts Reconciliation, Cash Flow Analysis, Billing, Accounts Receivables Taxation
  Payment Services :
Credit and debit card processing, cheque processing, broking services
  Administration :
Claims, processing, settlements, dispute resolution, account amendments and audit checks
Network Solutions
Software Development
Web Designing & Development
Corporate Training
Legal Transcription
Virtual Secretary
Data Processing
Internet Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Pay Per Click
Email marketing
Content marketing
E-commerce Solutions
E-commerce Consulting
E-Commerce Website
E-Commerce Software
E-Commerce Marketing Strategies
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